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Our company is a designated manufacturer of boilers and pressure vessels approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China. It holds Class A boiler manufacturing licenses, BRII pressure vessel manufacturing licenses, the US ASME Standard "S" (power boilers), " U" (pressure vessel) permits stamping, and fully passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. The specifications of the 2-ton natural gas steam boiler are as follows:

ZOZEN Technology:With more than twenty years of production of boiler, the company has formed gas boilers, biomass boilers, coal-fired boilers, organic heat carrier boilers and other more than 400 varieties and specifications, and widely used in chemical industry, food, wine making, heating, paper, printing and dyeing, rubber and other industries. At present, the company has the most advanced production technology and equipment in the industrial boiler industry. The main equipment is: high speed numerical control plane drill, numerical control pot drill, robot welding equipment, 3 dimension laser cutting machine, 4 axis NC pipe bending machine, 168 numerical control stereoscopic pipe bending equipment, three roll CNC universal winding machine, snake tube production line, CNC disk. 600 sets of tube production line, membrane wall production line and so on. Most of the main components of boiler products have been professionally and scaled. Most of the products can meet the needs of customers for short time delivery.

ZOZEN Service:For decades, ZOZEN boiler has always led the manufacturing quality of industrial boilers, and continued to precipitate. The original materials are numerically controlled, welding automation, and assembling and moulding process standards. The main components have been specialized and large-scale production, and most of the products can meet the needs of short time delivery. The professional manufacturing level meets the customers' pursuit of "quality, quality and performance", making every one of them become a masterpiece of coagulating and ingenuity. The advanced numerical control cutting equipment imported from foreign countries ensures the later welding and equipment quality. At present, the rate of numerical control of the sheet material of the company has reached more than 80%, and the technological revolution of large-scale welding and assembly is carried out. The traditional machining means by mechanical automatic welding, the realization of the assembly and mould and the gradual reduction of the line drawing assembly are eliminated, and the elimination of the traditional processing means is eliminated. At the same time, the company uses advanced measuring and testing equipment to provide a strong guarantee for manufacturing first-class products.

Our Team

  • Feeding CNC

    -- Manager
    The high machining accuracy of the components brought by the numerical control is the quality assurance of boiler welding and assembly. Zhongzheng Boiler introduces advanced digital and numerical control equipment, including: high-speed CNC plane drilling, CNC drum drill, 3D laser cutting machine, 4-axis CNC bending machine...
  • Welding Automation

    -- Engineer
    We have updated and updated a large number of imported automatic welding equipment to realize the automation of welding of all major components from drums, membrane walls, serpentine tubes to steel frames. At the same time, in the welding process, a large number of welding positioners are used, so that the welding position is always in the best....
  • Assembly Mold

    -- Manager
    Overcoming or reducing the human factors that affect the quality of products is an important means to improve the technological level. For the assembly of products, ZOZEN boilers have realized the assembly of the mold, reduced the traditional means of processing of the scribing assembly, eliminate the scribe error, ensure the product Uniform....

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